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The Pentecostal churches of Nepal’s driving passions and vision is to reveal Christ and his compassion to a nation of lovely but distressed people. A people for whom there has been no hope, no real freedom. a people for centuries captured in the intellectual prison of a Hindu caste system and now being intimidated into the false promise of communism’s fraternal care and so called false pseudo democracy of Nepal.

To preach the gospel and reveal Christ requires the personal courage and fortitude to serve others without regard to their allegiances, motivations or intents. To serve them simply because they are God’s children created in his image and Christ died for them .to reveal Christ requires personal evangelism. To reveal Christ requires church planting. To reveal Christ requires the education and training, development of pastors and lay leaders.

To reveal Christ requires organizing a bible college, conducting pastors conferences, organizing Christian gospel festivals, planting community churches, home churches, cell churches, undertaking bible translation, gospel printing, distributing concordances, theological books, and testimonies. To reveal Christ requires education, healing, caring, ministering, encouraging, suffering and the transformation of the community environment. To reveal Christ effectively in this present information and technological age requires the use of internet and multi-media in facilities to enhance presentations.

“From one man he made all nations of men that they should inhabit the whole earth and he determined the time set for them and the exact places where they should live. God did this so man would seek him and perhaps reach out for him and find him, though he is not far from each one of us. For in him we live and have our being. As some of your own poets have said, “we are his offspring”. (Acts 17:26-28 NIV)”

“Just as every child is precious to his or her mother, even if they are handicapped, blind, lame or deaf, so in the same way the country of Nepal is precious to us. even though people are very poor, hygiene is not good and the culture is very backward, God has placed us in the country in order to preach the eternal gospel for Jesus Christ and to establish his kingdom in this nation .we care deeply about the individuals, families, homes, cities, divisions, states, districts of our nation, our continent and the world.”

“we feel strongly that in addition to evangelism, the ministry of the church also includes spiritual revival ,church-planting , training leaders ,church growth , Christian education ,youth outreach, children’s outreach ,special ministries to women and men, power and training for witnessing ,desire to labor , the Spirit of servant hood, hunger for the word of God , breaking of spiritual strongholds and a strong social as well as spiritual , concern for all those whose lives we touch.”

“When we speak of church growth in the context of Nepal, all aspects of the above are involved. Preaching teaching healings, signs and wonders and miracles should confirm the preaching of the word of God. The apostolic ministry is needed here, not just light and purposeless preaching .we have to retrain our people so that they think according to the word of God. This nation has been under demonic influence for centuries and those ways have been deeply ingrained into their thinking and culture. Nothing about their lifestyles lines up with the word of God. In order to help people come out of these bondages we must be involved deeply in all kinds of education, both “secular” and Christian. To renew their minds we must have bible college, Christian, vocational trades and skills training schools, colleges, and universities. Not only must they be “translated from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of “light” through saving faith in Jesus Christ, but their minds and hearts must be translated likewise. Christianity is not “religion”. It is a relationship with the living God. It is not information oriented; it is formation –the formation of the life of Christ in the obedient believer.

“so, in order to accomplish the great mission task which is before us, we are inviting your prayer and partnership your encouragement, your financial participation and contribution .we believe it is no exaggeration to say that we may never have an opportunity to see the transformation of a nation again before the Lord returns as we have opportunity to see in Nepal right now!”

“Winning this nation to Christ, then discipling them in him is a great challenge. The harvest is so large and the needs are so tremendous that we know we cannot do it alone. “Will you help us?”

“our passion and driving vision is to establish at least 3,000 new churches, train at least 6,000 pastors, leaders and Christian workers through our Pentecostal grace bible college and to reach at least 10,000 children with love of Jesus, making them the future pillars and leaders of the church in Nepal, as well as good, responsible citizens of the nation who will be a catalyst. Please continue to pray for us so that we may impart the teaching and preaching through the power and anointing of the Holy Spirit”

Yours servant in Christ

Pastor Simon Peter,

Founder and Apostolic Leader

Pentecostal Churches of Nepal

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