For Girls

Name: Noami


Name: Sita

Dear Friends and Prayer Partners in Christ,

Let me tell you the story of Samuel lama, a young boy, and Tirtha Maya, a beautiful girl from Tanahun, Nepal. But first, I’d like to tell you about the place where they grew up. Nepal is a small landlocked country between china and India with a population of 30 million people. It is known for the majestic beauty of Mt. Everest, The Himalaya Mountains and happy, radiant smiling people. Despite all this natural beauty, children of Nepal live in the midst of a harsh reality.

1. Almost half of the population is below the poverty.

2. 89% of the population draws drinking water from wells, springs, and streams with no sanitary.

3. The national literacy rate is only 57% only.

4. Subsistence farming is the only source of food and for % of the people.

5. Child mortality is among the highest in the world at 143 deaths per 1,000 births.

6. Christians, half of one percent of the population, are continually discriminated against in jobs and education.

7. Average life expectancy is just 53 years.

This was the world in which Samuel lama lost both his parents at the age of 3 and had no relatives to take care of him. He had no place to live or call home. He was malnourished, constantly exposed to communicable diseases, and was not able to go to school. One of the social workers in his village brought him to me when he was just four years old. I decided to take him into our orphanage, the new life children haven. At nlcch, the staff gave him loving care, medical treatment, food, clothing and a safe place to live. He also started going to school. Soon, his teachers taught him about God and his infinite love for us. Samuel lama accepted Christ as his personal savior at an early age. He attended church and grew spiritually in Jesus.

Lama completed his schooling at the Christian children haven Nepal’s high school where he graduated as one of the tops in his class. He went on to attend grace Bible College, founded Samuel and funded by Pentecostal churches of Nepal. He is currently serving in our ministry as a national worker and senior pastor. All this was possible due to support from our partnering sponsors.





For Boys

Name: David


Name: Manish

Tirtha Maya was also very young when she came to the new life children haven in Nepal. She lost her parents as a small child and had no place to go. At new life Christian children haven, she was given love, security, care, and a peaceful place to live. She also began her education there in a healthy environment. She learned about Christ and his love, just as Samuel lama had. Today, she teaches part-time in the school and is very involved in the church youth ministry. She is also attending university and majoring in economics. Tirtha Maya is a great example and mentor for the current generation of Nepali girls and a tremendous blessing for the Lord’s ministry in Nepal.

There are many other stories like Tirtha’s and Samuel lamas. Today, over 300 boys and girls are being cared for.

However, with funds in short supply, many children must live without proper food and many basic needs are not being met. They cannot be rescued and cared for without the support of their wealthy brothers and sisters in the us and other developed nation. A monthly gift of only $45 will provide a child with food, shelter, and clothing. For an additional $35 more per month, you can also provide an excellent education. We pray that you would prayerfully consider partnering with us in our ministry to the children of Nepal. Your patronage will help make an impact not only in the life of a child, but help develop and nurture future Christian leaders who ensure that the Christian message is heard by all the people of this nation. Serving for his glory,

Kindly send your tax deductible gift directly to our Nepal payable to new life Christian children haven of Nepal office by certified air mail: new life Christian children haven children. Write in memo

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