Greetings from Nepal in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!
We bring you love from the people of the Lord in Nepal. It has been awhile since we sent out a newsletter; we have a lot to share with you about all the great things that has happened recently.


We have been organizing open air good news festival every week in Kathmandu and other parts of Nepal which is very important for the evangelism. In addition, we have reports from our pastors that great numbers of people are accepting the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal savior, are also being baptized in water and are being filled and baptized with the holy spirit and many people are being saved and healed from and delivered from demonic influence and power. Thank the Lord for his strength and wisdom upon which we must draw constantly. We have the evangelism, but we need equipment for them to get to the fields. We are asking the Lord for a four-wheel drive vehicle, some need motorbikes while other can manage in bicycles. A very great need is a four-wheel drive to reach remote areas and over less-than-passable mountain roads in Nepal.


The new sessions in grace Bible college of Nepal have begun from the 15 of january 2017 with 36 students, 24 students are full time and 12 students are part-time students. Boys, girls and some married students who are dedicated students from across the country and even two students from Bhutan. We have been praying for Bhutan – a small Buddhist nation east of Nepal which has been close to gospel for hundreds of years. Our Bible college gives us continuing supply of trained ministries to go out and help the pastors in their work. Often these students become pastors themselves as new churches open. Most of our students come from very poor families and are here on scholarships. We train, feed and shelter them.


Two or three weeks of each month we have a teaching team on location across the country. Pastors and leaders from the churches in the area are brought together to the central city for intensive teaching on how to feed and lead the Lord’s people. Because of the sudden rapid growth of the church, we have had to place men as pastors without sufficient training in some cases. I.L.T is the answer, bringing needed practical and theological training to them making it accessible and available at a location nearby so the pastor does not have to leave his flock for long.

There are hundreds of churches across the nation of Nepal. The four wheel mentioned above will be valuable, and we have costs for food and housing for staff and students alike.


The continuing joyful burden of food, clothing, housing, medical care and education for our dear children is of the highest priority in our ministry. Nearly three hundred people and young people depend upon us each day. If the Lord didn’t give us grace and provision how could we go on? Most of the children live in four homes in Kathmandu, and few in private homes in cities and villages around Nepal. These little ones would either be dead or being raised in false religion, if we had not taken them into our homes. Most of them are either orphans or deserted by their parents, even sometimes left on the streets of Kathmandu to feed for themselves. Now they are believers in Nepal and pastors, evangelists and workers in the kingdom of God.


Please join with us in prayer so that Lord will supply needed funds to purchase plots land for pentecostal grace Bible college, children homes and for pentecostal Christian schools as well as for projects of native churches for land and for construction of buildings for all ministries of pcn. The huge projects of building, Bible college and children’s home continues. We are confident we heard from the Lord in this project, but it is sometimes overwhelming. Please make it a definite prayer undertaking. Once finished this building will be a powerful lighthouse for Christianity in this Hindu nation. Never before in history have Christians had anything like this to demonstrate the greatness of our God! We are sure the enemy hates this and he is surely fighting every inch of the way. Most important, as already stated pray that some will be led to participate financially in the blessings of this undertaking construction. Building materials are often difficult to obtain and are more expensive almost price goes up weekly.


There is such a great need for a Christ centre and based liberal arts college here. Here we can train Christian young people, who often have great difficulty getting into secular colleges, but also be an outreach to the non- Christian community.


1. Please continue praying for an outpouring of holy spirit revival for the church and for the evangelism among all our tribes.

2. Please pray for our pastors in Nepal, they face great difficulties and spiritual battles every day. Pray for the transportation for pastors and evangelists, such as bicycles, motorbikes, bus and a land cruiser.

3. We engage the enemy daily on many fronts and discouragement in always lurking nearby. The burdens grow very heavy at times. Please stand with us daily.

4. We live in a country where there is a strong discrimination against our Christian faith; we are discriminated against socially, religiously, economically and politically, by a bigoted Hindu system.

Thank you again for all your prayers, confidence and financial support. We appreciate your love for us & the Christian believers in Nepal. We would like to know that one hundred percent of the funds we go directly to the project that you have designated them to. Thanking you for your trust, confidence and partnership with us for the reaching of the nation of Nepal for Christ. You are most welcome to visit Nepal and see the work that we are doing. If you would like to send some contribution to support for the ministry of Lord, you can send the funds to the following address. We will send you an acknowledgement receipt after receiving your generous contribution, and also send you an audit report who contributes for the work of the Lord’s ministry in Nepal. You may contact us directly

TELEPHONE: 977-1-5151320