Dear friends and prayer partners in Jesus Christ

Nepal is known as the paradise of mountains. The Himalayan range, which contains the tallest peak of the world, rests in Nepal; a small country nestled between the mammoth nations of India and china. The population of Nepal is around 30 million and is composed of many tribes, cultures, and languages. After centuries of Hindu monarchy, the revolution of 1990 saw Nepal evolve into constitutional monarchy. This offered partial freedom of religion and allowed the Christian church to start growing rapidly. However, lack of resources and continued resistance from the pagan majority has hampered a greater work, and the church continues to suffer and struggle.

We are to win lost souls, planting churches, make followers of Jesus Christ and train native Nepalese pastors through our bible college and established Christian schools in order to provide Christian faith based education to children and younger generation and to take care for those who are in in need, and make disciples of all nations of the world. For achieving the goal, we have planned the following seven projects:

1. The establishment of orphanages in key population centers.

2. Christian primary, middle and high schools.

3. Christian liberal art college for young boys and girls.

4. Grace Bible College in Kathmandu to train city and town pastors.

5. A nationwide evangelistic and church planting project.

6. Skills and jobs training vocational institute for young people.

7. A medical college and hospital to train medical professionals.

God has blessed our partners through the years, proving again and again that he rewards giving, and he builds his church through the faithful financial stewardship of his people. Join hands with Pentecostal churches of Nepal and be a vital part of everything that God does this year and beyond. Prayerfully consider faithful contribution today.


Pentecostal churches of Nepal carry out the great commission by planting churches in the towns and villages of democratic federal republic of Nepal. Gospel campaign meetings are held in a many villages of the country. Then the new Christians are disciplined and the church is planted. We need English Bibles for university students’ outreach.


As new churches are planted additional pastors are needed. We help in the training of pastors through our grace Bible College and training department. Nepalese pastors are trained using oral learning methods and by pastors and teachers from the fellowship and association of Pentecostal Christian congregations in the nation of Nepal traveling to different part of Nepal and in India. The goals are to have Nepalese pastors who can train new pastors in the future.


This ministry continues to reach out to hundreds of hundreds of children each day through new life Pentecostal and health care, housing, food, clothing, medical supplies, and educational materials. Impacting the next generation for Christ begins with these children today. You can help give them the promise of hope for the future. Every seed you plant helps us keep our promises to these precious children and countless souls who desperately need to know God´s saving and nurturing love.


We are to win lost souls, care for those in need, and make disciples of all nations. God has blessed our partners through the years, proving again and again that he rewards giving, and he builds his church through the faithful financial contribution of his people. Please join hands and hearts with Pentecostal churches of Nepal and be a vital part of everything that God does this year and beyond and prayerfully consider donating faithfully and being a good stewardship of God’s blessings today!


Global support makes it possible for Pastor Simon Peter to take the life-saving and miracle-working power of Jesus Christ to the nation of Nepal, south Asia and the world. If you are located outside of Nepal and the U.S.A. or prefer to use PayPal, click the yellow “donate” button below to make your generous donation directly to the Pastor Simon Peter ministries PayPal account.


Your faithful partnership is so important to everything we do as a ministry. We truly believe that our greatest time of ministry will take place during the coming months and years. We are already seeing many remarkable things happen. Multiplied thousands of lives have experienced the transforming touch of the gospel of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit in powerful demonstrations of healing touch of the Lord and salvation. Together, we are making an impact all over the nation of Nepal and world. The point is this: whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly and whoever sows bountifully will also reap bountifully. (2 Corinthians 9:6verse ESV) may the grace of God and peace be upon you all in Christ Jesus.

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