Mission Statement


“To touch, reach and impact all people of all nations. To ignite a fire of change in the world we live, as ambassadors of faith, hope and love. To build a large unshakeable Bible based church. To empower, equip and release believers to live lives that would see the face of the planet changed, to be the light in a dark world.”

Our mission is imprinted in everything we are and all that we do, from our sunday services to our connect groups, from our multi- media communication; like internet online, to our Bible college courses. We live all that we are and give all that we have for the cause of the savior king, Christ Jesus who is the founder and head of the church.

To preach and be a witness to the everlasting gospel of Jesus Christ and establish his kingdom in the nation of Nepal.

  • Empower local area, regional and national church leaders/pastors to plant churches in all over Nepal and abroad, western world in Nepalese diasporas among the unreached peoples group.
  • Equip and train pastors and Christian workers for ministry.
  • Educate the children of Nepal through elementary schools, high schools and college degree programs.
  • Construct buildings for natives’ churches, Bible colleges, children’s homes, schools and colleges, university.
  • Print and distribute Christian literature and Bibles in the Nepalese language as part of the multi media communication of the gospel.

At present there are several on-going projects for the building up of the first generation of Christians from childhood to adulthood in Nepal:

  • Evangelism and church planting
  • Festival of life gospel campaigns
  • Pastors conference and leadership seminars
  • Discipleship training through Bible colleges
  • Homes and Christian elementary, high school and college education for destitute
  • Orphan boys and girls
  • Construction of native village churches medical work and
  • Medical training college and hospital.
  • You can help shake nations and reach millions with Jesus and cwfn life and

Partnership is a powerful thing – as you become a financial partner, you become a partner in the mission that pcon life is called to fulfill and will reap the rewards alongside pcon life, in this life and the life to come. We believe and know God is faithful to reward and provide for those who, through their giving, are seeking first the kingdom of God and the advancement of his kingdom. Our vision is to see people set free and come to know the love of God the father through Christ Jesus and to live in the light of his resurrection.

We thank you for your support, and would love to show our appreciation by sending you:

  • Bi-monthly ministry news letters
  • Monthly contribution receipts

Right now you may be asking yourself “what can I do to be a part?” there are several different ways you can help impact lives forever with in the gospel of Christ. We need as many people as possible to partner us in the world shaking movement.

The foundation of the entire campaign is a prayer base of believers from all over the world .From prayers closets in many different nations, believers have visited and will visit our teams in Nepal and south east asia and ask God for the strength, anointing, boldness and resources to win as many souls as possible. Each times you pray for our teams, it is as if you are there in person to encourage and support them. Just think, your quiet prayers will echo throughout the world am hundreds of hundreds of thousands of people hear the gospel without prayer we can do nothing.

We want you to have the privileges of touching people in Nepal in asia in this new millennium, encouraging and building the indigenous church. It is everyone working together in partnership that makes this campaign possible .If you want to partner us, please call our office today and request a partner packet.

YOu can also send your offering today and join with us in nation shaking movement. In this country a little goes a long way. Pentecostal churches of Nepal is a non-profit Christian church organization. Every gift that we receive goes directly into the Lord s work .

Kindly send your tax deductible gift directly to our USA mailing address below.



Every year pentecostal churches of Nepal ministries hosts and sponsors pastors seminars and conferences, forums and other training initiatives for native pastors around the country. Over 90% of pastors in the nation of Nepal will never have the chance to attend Bible college and seminary or formal Bible training. Many are in desperate need of encouragement. Pentecostal churches of Nepal ministry training events are agents or catalysts for church planting, discipleship and indigenous transformational efforts. Pentecostal churches of Nepal ministries provides national pastors and church leaders with a vision in their hearts and tools in their hands for the preaching and teaching of the gospel nation wide.

Pentecostal church ministries has trained hundreds of hundreds of pastors and church leaders since 1988. Pcon initiatives include specific programs impacting the Nepal and, northeast India as well. From the local church of Kathmandu valley to the villages of mountains, valleys and in lowland area from east to west and from north to south of the country of Nepal: how God is helping and answering prayers in Nepal.

Dear friends and partners, thank you so much for helping to proclaim and excel the gospel message around the country and the world! One of the ways we are empowering frontline Christian leaders and pastors to fulfill the great commission is through our esther initiative. Please take a couple of minutes to read this encouraging update from pastor Simon Peter, pastors who has passions and driving vision brings healthy affect societal health in the nation and God is at work in the marketplace of developing nation God is raising up a new generation of entrepreneurs and business professionals, throughout the country, to be a force for building the kingdom and fighting poverty and to create economic support and to be sustainable for the church.

The esther initiative breaks ground in Nepal, God has lit a fire in the hearts of frontline leaders who are taking the living bread and the living water of life into dark places of all districts and mountain villages around the country. But they are often weary and ill-equipped for the task. Pcon is coming alongside these leaders to light the villages, cities and the nation and in neighboring countries of Nepal as well.

Planting the pentecostal churches in Nepal, empowering, inspiring, and encouraging frontline leaders and pastors in order to bring national transformation and impact the nation with the gospel of Jesus Christ (2tim2:2-3 verses). Off a dusty road in Nepal near the Himalayan mountains ranges, our pastoral ministry team organized 300 pastors and leaders, both men and women, for training. These indigenous leaders from multiple districts traveled for days to receive training and encouragement for church planting and raising modern day leaders like ezra and nehemiah whom we find in the Bible.