To see a national family of Pentecostal churches, leaders and pastors missionaries who, as fully devoted followers and disciples of Jesus Christ, are healthy, reproducing churches, growing and making disciples of all ethnics, tribes’ nation of Nepal and in the world. Pentecostal churches of Nepal were founded by Pastor Simon Ram Nepal Peter and Mrs. Meena Peter with a seven fold vision:

1. To reach millions of unreached people with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

2. To raise up, educate, equip, and ordain emerging young leaders.

3. To train and support their leaders to reach 6000 pastors their own people.

4. To plant 3000 churches in Nepal and other lands.

5. To rescue 10,000 under privileged children from their physical and spiritual poverty.

6. Establish Christian elementary, middle and higher secondary schools and Bible College and Christian Arts College to train and educate you people.

7. To preach the cause of world evangelism in the western world, and Southeast Asia.

Pastors’ apostolic network is a network of leaders strongly committed to one another and to the establishment of the kingdom of God throughout Nepal and in the earth.


The mission of Pentecostal apostolic network is to expand and equip the body of Christ through experience, capabilities and gifting of those that are part of the network. While we function to fulfill our mission in many ways, we recognize the following distinctive in our calling:

To network churches and ministries with the purpose of establishing, extending the influence of the kingdom of god into every sphere of culture and nations.

To counsel and assist those who desire to move into an apostolic paradigm as outlined in Ephesians 4:11verse.

To take the gospel to the ends of the earth by partnering in those activities that extends the influence of the kingdom of god and bring the community transformation to the nations of the world.

We exist to encourage, support, nurture, and mentor, stand alongside the pastors and with church, to serve and equip and send.

In 1990, only within few years after the founding of the Pentecostal churches of Nepal by Pastor Simon Ram Nepal Peter and Mrs. Meena Peter Nepal, a humble and ordinary person from medical background did something they had never seen and done before.

They began moving in the power of the Holy Spirit, and proclaim the living word of god in the nation of Nepal, and they began to train new generations of young people and planted churches who are converting from Hindu and Buddhist religions did miraculous things in a Hindu country.

During the season of Pentecostalism being birthed into a movement, becoming known for planting many churches, miraculous healings and powerful evangelistic events begin to take place. With a strong determination and raw passion to take the gospel to those who had never heard in the country.

Pentecostal church is still here to stand with a reproducing and multiplication mindset church, to support, empowered pastors and to listen and to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit and his word. This is why we exist in this world.

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